about us

From orchestras to synthesizers and everything between, [CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture is a music channel dedicated to bringing new and unique sights and sounds for video games, film & animation!


Who is CK9C?

[CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture was founded and is now led by Jorge Aguilar II, also known as Jack on the channel. As the lead music producer and singer, Jorge started his YouTube career as a voice actor while studying Music Industry Studies in Texas. Now writing songs for video game fandoms, animations and short film, Jorge moved the channel HQ to Los Angeles, CA in 2017 to expand the CK9C team in person. 

CK9C Music Producers

As the channel has grown so has our team of music producers. Led by Jorge Aguilar II, the CK9C team of producers is based in Los Angeles, CA where they work together every day to create the highest quality content that audiences can enjoy again and again.



-Paul B

-Josh C



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CK9C Animation Team

With so much being put into our music, CK9C needed a team of some of the best animators on YouTube to make the music videos really shine! The CK9C Animation Team consists of animators around the world, some even working toward their degree in animation and being able to count these music video projects for school credit! These animators are serious about their craft and it really shows in their work! Have you seen all of the latest videos?

-XGBX Dasian


-Mr Mautz