Music Usage Terms

So you want to use our songs in your video? 

Now you can! Here are the rules that you MUST follow!

  • Our songs are protected in YouTube’s Content ID system. You CANNOT monetize a video containing our songs.
  • You MUST put a link to the original video/my channel in the video description

  • You MUST put the iTunes link to the song used in the video description. You can find this link in the original video's description! 

  • You MUST put my channel name in the video title if the song is used for more than 60% of the video

  • You CANNOT upload lists or compilations of this song

  • You CANNOT re-upload a copy of our videos.

  •  If you want to translate our song, please submit your translation in our public CC (closed caption). 

If you do try and monetize a song of ours you will get an ID Claim. Do not worry, this is not a strike on your channel.